The characteristics of polyester fabrics in the application of clothing fabrics

Polyester fabric is a chemical fiber clothing fabric. In order to understand what polyester is, from the characteristics of polyester fabrics, there are the following five aspects.

First, the elasticity of polyester fabric is super strong. Repeated rubbing of polyester fabric will quickly restore its original shape without wrinkling. This is unmatched by other fabrics. From this point of view, shirts made of polyester fabrics are durable, wrinkle-resistant and iron-free, and polyester is indeed a rare and rare outerwear fabric.

Second, the hygroscopicity of polyester fabrics is poor. Shirts made of polyester fabrics do not absorb sweat very much, and they are easy to wear and feel hot and airtight. At the same time, they are prone to static electricity and dust. But this also has advantages. Clothes made of polyester fabrics are not easily deformed after washing, and are easy to dry.

Third, polyester fabrics have good heat resistance. It can be said that polyester has good heat resistance and strong plasticity in chemical fiber fabrics. If it is made into a pleated skirt, it can hold the pleats well without excessive ironing. At the same time, polyester fabric has poor melting resistance, and it is easy to burn out holes when it encounters sparks, so you must pay special attention when wearing it.

Fourth, polyester fabrics have better light resistance. Clothes made of polyester fabrics are generally more durable than natural fiber fabrics. Therefore, it is basically no problem to expose the polyester shirt to the sun, and there is no need to worry about any side effects. This feature makes the lightfastness of polyester fabrics on par with acrylic fabrics.

Fifth, the chemical resistance of polyester fabrics is outstanding. Shirts made of polyester fabrics are not damaged by acid and alkali, so some bleaching agents and oxidants do not work on their foundations, and polyester clothes are not afraid of mildew and insects. This feature also results in poor dyeability of polyester fabrics, and it is relatively difficult to dye, but once dyeing is successful, it is not easy to fade.